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Newest Pilots

Pilot ID Name Country Joined
OLY971 Konstantinos Voutyritsas Indonesia 14/09/2019
OLY1179 Antonis Tyras Greece 14/09/2019
2001178 Nikolaos Gouliouras Greece 13/09/2019
OLC511 Apostolis Ntotsikas Greece 01/09/2019
OLY244 Alex Stevens United Kingdom 20/08/2019

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Live Flights
Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain
Active Flights
Flight Number Departure Airport Arrival Airport ETA> Status
OLY422AF SAN FRANCISCO INTL Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport 0:51 Cruising
latest Flights

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Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate Aircraft
OLC 203368 DAAG LEMG 01.32 OLY141 Marcin Riege -171 B767-300
OLY 147 LGAV EBBR 03.42 OLY716 Sotiris Sinanis -178 A320-200
OLC 203366 LGTS EKCH 03.02 OLY286 Kostas Kiriakou -231 A320-200
OLY 421AF LGAV KSFO 13.38 OLY248 Jason Alexiadis -210 B777-300
OLC 203364 LGAV LOWW 02.15 OLY286 Kostas Kiriakou -301 A319-100
Olympic Airlines Statistics
Total Hours: 28504:16:56
Total Flights: 6411
Total Miles Flown: 9480636nm
Passengers : 1268148
Schedules: 948
Pilot Recruitment Status: Open
Staff Recruitment Status: Closed