Pilot Ranks

Rank Title Minimum Hours Pay Rate/Hour Can Fly VA Rank
Cadet 0 $25/hr DH8D AT75 RX1H DO22 SD33 C172 E50P LJ25 SAAB DC6 C208 EPIC PC12 CL30 FOKK
Second Officer 20 $50/hr A30B A306 A320 A319 B722 B732 B734 B737 B738 B739 B752 B736 E190 A321 B717 E195 L101 E170 E140 B37M Β38Μ
First Officer 100 $150/hr A343 A332 A359 B742 B744 B772 B773 B763 Β772 B707 B748 MD-1 A333 A346 B747 B788 B789 B777 B77F B781
Captain 500 $200/hr All the aircraft
Senior Captain 2500 $300/hr All the aircraft

"Cadet" Rank is given after your registration to our VA.

"Second Officer" Rank is given after 20 flying hours.

These hours concern hours flown to our VA, or hours that have been transfered from other VAs or IVAO.

The "Senior Captain" rank is given to pilots who aleady have the "Captain" rank and have flown 2000 hours